Welcome to the Town Of Sherwood | Clark County, Wisconsin

The Town of Sherwood has developed this website as a public service for use by those who are looking for information about the town’s government, services and community.


                       Monthly Town Board Meeting

**All monthly town board meetings dates and time are posted at our County W station, Road House Bar & Grill and at the town hall display window.  To confirm the date and time check agenda posted at above locations.  Our next monthly meeting will be held  August 6, 2024 at 6:30 pm                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Dust Proofing with calcium chloride, has now been applied to many locations on various roads throughout our township.  This calcium chloride has a great impact on holding the dust down and saving gravel when traveling on our town roads.  If you live on a gravel road and not on our list please contact me (Andy Cegielski 715-884-2494) to get on the list for delivery next year.  

Sherwood Cemetery:    Les and Kelly Moeller do a wonderful job being the landscape managers.  For any information about the lots please contact Lowell Freedlund who is the manager of the cemetery.  Also Marla Martin works with Lowell.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               We are in the process of expanding our cemetery, please attend our meetings to learn more about this.  We also would like your input on moving forward with this procedure.


We have set up email accounts for chairman, clerk, and treasurer.  If you’d like to email us,

“chairman@townofsherwood.com”   “clerk@townofsherwood.com”,  “treasurer@townofsherwood.com”


                   Special Meeting of Electors                    

                          Town of Sherwood

  •                                                       Clark County, WI
  •         A Special Meeting of the Electors of the Town of Sherwood will be held on 
  •             Thursday August 1, 2024 at 6:30 pm

                                   All town residents are requested to attend.

The purpose of this meeting is for the purchase of 2 parcels of additional land for the extension

of our Cemetery.


Margaret Schwanebeck

Town of Sherwood – Clerk









                                    Town Of Sherwood  1874  –  2024

 Our annual Township picnic for this year 2024 will be Saturday August 10.  Our township is now 150 years old and we’re planning to add some activities.  Our picnic will be again at Neal & Eleanor Coulthard’s pond, on 73.  Bob Pucci, current owner, will be providing us with pulled pork for our meal.  The township will provide the the water, condiments, silverware, napkins and plates.  Please bring a dish to pass. Please call or attend one of our meetings if you have an idea we should incorporate into the schedule of the picnic day activities.  We also plan to have a few door prizes to give away.

Clark County Parks and Forestry Grant

We applied for the $15,000 grant offered by CCFP.  This money will be used to update our road infrastructure that is used by the many trucks hauling pulp/logs from the county land.

Town of Sherwood was awarded and will receive  $2,000  as part of this grant. 
We used that money to repair the intersection of Division Ave and Ballard Road  West.  We added another culvert, widened Division Ave at the intersection, added gravel to both roads, and cleaned the ditches.    

 I was recently informed there is research going on currently about constructing a power line coming from the west and going thru Sherwood.  The current plan is to run along either Sherwood Rd throughout our township or not at all here but follow the RR tracks that follow thru Pray and City Point in Jackson County going east then north up through Wood County.  I will keep you all informed as information is made available to me.  The plans are soon to be delivered to the PSC, Public Service Commission.  After their approval it will move to the engineers to lay out the line.  Sometime during 2027, 2028, and 2029 will be the construction of the line and serviceable in 2030.  I do know from speaking with Mike White, representative for the company he told me from past history no one has ever lost their home because of construction of a power line and the same will be for this power line as well.  A power pole might be closer to a home than others but not so close to cause any problems.  For more information you can refer to their website, atc-gridforward.com. 



County Road W will be completely redone during the summer of 2026.


Garbage and Recycle pickup will soon be done with a hydraulic arm.  Speaking with Chad Koehler, our area manager of WM, he told me he hopes to have this operational end of June or early July.  The truck will have an arm to reach over and pick up your  garbage bin and lift to dump in truck, the same for the recycle bin without having the driver leave the truck.  A much safer environment for the driver and saving time completing their route.    Please have your bins placed about 3 feet apart and the open lid to the road.  If anyone should have trouble with being picked up, you are certainly welcome to call me.  If you would like to have more bins of either recycle or garbage please call me.  They can be ordered from WM at an additional cost of about $75 per year.


Tuesday June 11 at our monthly meeting we opened our gravel bids submitted to us.  We had two bids, Opelt’s Sand & Gravel of Neillsville and Bugar Trucking out of Loyal.  Opelt’s gave us a bid of $16.47 per yard of gravel delivered and Bugar Trucking’s bid is $13.90 per yard of gravel delivered.  Not exactly sure when, but gravel will be delivered later this summer to many locations on various roads throughout our township.   As always if you find an area that needs grading please contact myself, Rick or Ken.




Verizon Tower.  Construction is planned to start soon on the tower.  It will be a stacked tower meaning there will be no cables to support the structure.  After doing a drive by just last week, I see the stumps have been taken out and a start on installing power to the site.  The construction of the tower is to finish in Late June to July.  The ground equipment is to be installed in August and cell phone service is to be available in September.  The site location is just north of 73 on Badger Ave on the east side of the road.